2018 Life Lessons

From February to August, I’ve experienced many highs and lows (probably more lows to be honest).To give you a little background story, in February 2018, I quit my first teaching job and my house caught on fire. All the while, I was shaking my fist at God and pitying myself. It was a very difficult, heart-wrenching way to start the year. Yet through all of it, God’s steadfast love remained constant in my life. Here are a few life lessons I’ve learned this year:

  1. I am more than my failures: To be defined by failures is to give up. I have the potential to be so much more than I can imagine for myself. If I truly believe that I am wonderfully and fearfully created in His image (Psalm 139:14), then I believe my life has so much more worth. In my imperfect nature, I am prone to fall down every so often. But if Christ, on the brink of death on the cross, decided that the reaction of man was a failure, we wouldn’t have the liberty to choose eternity with Him. Christ doesn’t give up on us even when we give Him every reason to abort. We were created to lead a purposeful life in His presence and in His goodness. When we are able to recognize Christ for who He is, we understand what it means to find our identity in Him.
  2. Letting go leads to peace: Everything in my life can seem to be de-railing, but once I let go of the reigns in my life, it doesn’t seem so chaotic anymore. My heart is more at peace because I no longer try to force my life to be a certain way. I know that God will lead me to what is best for me. Faith doesn’t always make logical sense, but God has a foolproof plan and that is non-negotiable.
  3. Taking responsibility is the first step towards faith: Ouch. At the first sign of trouble, it’s easy to try to pinpoint the blame on someone else. How I choose to respond is entirely my choice. What will I say? Do? Think?  Do I choose to follow Christ? Or do I choose to let others dictate my life?
  4. True character is revealed behind doors: Who am I when no one is looking? Who am I when I’m with my family? my friends? my co-workers? Living a double life is harmful in my walk with Christ and potentially the people in my life.
  5. Humility cannot be forced, but it can be asked for: To be humble is to not be my self. Humility is not a natural human tendency. In a situation when I feel wrongly accused, I want to immediately react angrily or defensively. This may sound cliché, but really, what would Jesus do? How Jesus would respond is most definitely not how I would at that moment. As I spend more time with Him and learn more about His character through the Word, I am able to see how He is changing my heart and breaking down my pride.

I choose to live an unconventional life for Christ. What about you?




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