Dive into 25: A Journal Series

A few years ago, I loosely committed to a personal tradition of writing lists of x number of life lessons I’ve learned in the x amount of years I’ve been alive. I started that tradition to motivate me to live better than I did the year before. This year, upon turning 25, I have decided to modify the tradition. Instead of writing out lists, I will commit to writing my first journal series called Dive into 25.

Why start a journal series?

In almost every free moment I have, I’m already thinking about and planning for the next thrilling adventure in my life. While living in the moment and relishing in spontaneity are not necessarily detrimental in essence, when not paired with discipline and specific direction, they can lead to lack of stability and commitment. My mind is constantly churning with new ideas and hopes, yet, I never seem to settle down and pursue one whole heartedly. As I have come to understand more of who I am, I’ve learned that while I can easily cast a grand vision, I struggle to fill in the details. Without a plan of action, visions are only eloquent on paper, and unfortunately, many of mine are collecting dust in a notebook. Therefore, I’ve decided to create a space for accountability where I can express not only my hopes, but also document my progress in fulfilling tangible goals towards my big picture visions.

What does this journal series entail?

This journal series will be a physical progress log of my year as a 25 year old woman. In this series, I will explore topics of faith & womanhood, self-improvement, and the art of creating tangible, specific goals. Though this series is a documentation of my personal growth, I hope that it will also serve to encourage you all to not give up on your own efforts, explore the gifts you’ve been blessed with, and live out a purposeful, meaningful year with me.

For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.Ephesians 2:10 esv


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