About Me


For a majority of my young adulthood, I thought my calling in life was to be an elementary school teacher. I taught kids from kindergarten to middle school in various academic camps until I taught as a certified second grade teacher in 2017.

Alas, my experience as a public school educator was a difficult and short lived career. At this point in my life, I was in the most unhealthy state I’ve ever been in. I was constantly stressed, anxious, fatigued, and frustrated with myself… It was a pitiful sight to behold :/

In 2018, I made the difficult decision to walk away from teaching, which thus, pushed me further into a state of distress. I binge ate junk food, slept constantly, spoke nastily to myself, lashed out, and lost all motivation to pursue anything worthwhile. (I sound really dramatic here, but all of it is true!)  My health was rapidly declining and my loved ones (bless their hearts) experienced the worst end of it.

THANKFULLY, all was not lost! Towards the end of 2019, l rediscovered an old passion of mine from my college years: fitness. From then on, I decided to make an active change to my life. I wanted to STOP the self pity, the negative self talk, and the endless excuses.

Now as a 26 year old woman, I can confidently state that I’m not in that place anymore (hallelujah). Although it’s been a 10+ year journey to get to this point, I am finally living a healthy life and not “fakin’ it til I make it“. (Oh, if only I could go back in time and teach myself what I know now.)

I thought I would never revisit teaching again, but my heart has since changed. Although my time as a school teacher has ended, moving forward, I hope to integrate my teaching experience in helping others reach their optimal selves, physically and mentally.

My ultimate goal is to teach how to build lasting healthy habits and empower women to feel and be confident in their own skin!

Let’s get healthy together! 🙂

– Esther Yoo –